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We offer a full line of oils and fats designed to meet all your needs. From the highest quality cocoa butter alternative fats to oils used to manufacture luxury soap, Fuji Vegetable Oil can provide you with the best formula for your product.

Dreamy Desserts

Dreamy Desserts

Fuji Vegetable Oil offers a variety of products specially designed for confectionery.

Using the latest technology, Fuji’s manufacturing facilities produce an assortment of products that you will find in many foods on store shelves.

We offer a wide range of cocoa butter alternative (CBA) fats that are primarily used in compound coatings and for molding.

The Palkena & Palkerin lines are cocoa butter substitute (CBS) fats that do not require tempering and offer excellent mouth feel, gloss, and heat resistance. Fuji Vegetable Oil also offers a line of non-hydrogenated Palkena products.

The Palmy series are cocoa butter equivalent (CBE) fats that are fully compatible with cocoa butter. This allows more freedom in recipe design, at a lower cost than cocoa butter, and the use of existing production equipment. They offer superior mouth feel and can be formulated to give the desired heat resistance. The versatile Palmy products can be blended at high levels in the recipe, for super compounds, or lower levels offering excellent heat resistance, like the cocoa butter improver (CBI) Palmy 400.

Fuji Vegetable Oil’s Palmel fats have exceptional flavor release properties with a refreshing, cool melting sensation. They have excellent compatibility with cocoa butter and can be used in center fillings for extruded bars, bonbons, wafers, and biscuits.

The Palmel fat systems produce a rich and creamy mouth feel for chocolate and nut-flavored spreads.

Barrier Fats
Fuji Vegetable Oil has several barrier fats in the Parkid line to prevent oil and moisture migration and extend the shelf life of your products.

After the reduction and removal of trans saturated fatty acids, an important trend in the food industry is the reduction of saturated fatty acids (SAFA). The biggest challenge is to find alternatives for food products that obtain their hard structure from the (hard) fat they contain. The novelty of our REDUSAT-range is that hard compounds can be achieved, despite a lower saturated fatty acid content.

REDUSAT received the award for Most Innovative Confectionery Product at FIE (Food Ingredients Europe) 2009.

muffinFuji Vegetable Oil manufactures several products that are used as ingredients in different foods.

Infant Nutrition
Fuji can formulate fat blends that meet the strict standards required for infant formulas and provide the essential fatty acids required for ideal growth and nutrition.

We supply non-hydrogenated, no trans fat systems for breads, pastries, and other baked goods.

The Melarin products are highly stable fat systems perfect for use in caramels, nougats, and coffee whiteners.

Parkid A-100 is a milk fat replacer with the same melt profile as milk fat but without the high costs and fluctuating quality of milk fat.

Frozen Desserts
The Melanocoat products are specially made for use in ice cream. Melanocoat MGDG is a proven moisture barrier fat in coatings to maintain crisp, crunchy ice cream cones. The Melanocoat VF provides a soft, non-brittle coating for ice cream bars. Our coconut and palm oils also perform well in mellorine (vegetable fat) ice milk products.

fried chicken

Fuji Vegetable Oil produces a variety of frying fats, from palm oil to sunflower oil, with high oxidative stability. Palm oil and palm olein are excellent frying fats with good stability that provide a light taste to fried foods. Antioxidants, both natural and synthetic, can be added to further enhance this stability.

High oleic sunflower oil, which is high in monounsaturated fat, is low in saturated and polyunsaturated fat. This provides superior stability compared to conventional soybean and cottonseed oils.

Palmel VC Oil
When used in frying and baking, our Palmel VC allows for up to a 35 percent reduction in sodium while greatly enhancing the flavor of foods using reduced seasoning. Oxidative stability is also higher with this specially processed oil.


Fuji Vegetable Oil products are valued ingredients for the personal care industry.

Many of our palm and coconut oils are used to manufacture soap. Our coconut oil is also used in other personal care products, including shampoos and lotions.

Hands Holding a Lit CandleCandle Waxes

Fuji Vegetable Oil products are also used to manufacture a variety of industrial products.

We produce hard vegetable fats that are a clean burning, non-toxic alternative to paraffin in candle waxes.